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1846 Country Road 270 Weimar, TX 78962
  • acres 113
  • Status Sold


About This Property

1846 Country Road 270, Weimar, TX 78962

This 113+ acre Ranch was an amazing property located in two counties.  This desirable location was just 10 minutes from a major interstate an hour and fifteen minutes from Houston. The owner was a collector of cars, trucks, tractors, equipment and just about anything that one could need.

The seller built improvements to house his collections in over 26,000 sq ft of space.  It was comprised of six buildings, a party barn plus an unfinished house.

The land was spectacular.  The seller planted over 150 Live Oak trees, the pastures were manicured, the fences were painted and pristine, the 5 ponds were lined in clay and were always full and bountiful. It was a show stopper but who was going to want all of those buildings?

This was going to be an exciting challenge. It was a referral, and it was going to take research, creativity, and a specific strategy to get this to just the right prospects.


  1. Pricing the improvements-I had a friend that builds the best metal buildings in the area who gladly came out and drove the land with me. He helped me price each building at replacement value.
  2. Not everyone is a collector so now what other ideas can we come up with for these storage buildings so we can find the perfect buyer? This will need new marketing materials and a strategy that can meet the needs of several types of buyers.
  3. Go outside of the usual suspects. At Kuper Sotheby’s we have access to agents all over the Globe.
  4. Truth in disclosure and never waste anyone’s time, it is a long drive to come see these Ranches and Farms.



Call my amazing photographer that has vision and patience. We both have a marketing background and we both know how to tell stories.  We spent hours on that land so that we could highlight the beautiful aspects of the property. Our narrated video was a success because we were able to tell a story as we showed the property.  The beautiful land and ponds looked dreamy and the buildings became secondary to the land.

  • Our video made it look like a rich beautiful 113+ acre cattle ranch ready for a new owner.
  • The improvements turned out to be perfect for several prospects that I reached out to. One was for a corporate retreat and the one that bought the property was a family that wanted to start a cattle ranch and have room for individual private homes for family friends.
  • They also wanted trucks, tractors, and many of the collections the seller had stored. We found a perfect match.

I sent out over 42,000 emails with a blast that included a video.  With each inquiry I followed up with a phone call and my list of possible concerns that might stop a buyer from wanting to make the drive.

I explained that the beautiful house was unfinished inside and what it might cost to complete construction so no surprises. The buyers were just starting to look and were not really ready to make the jump but they just could not pass this one up.

I had it under contract in three weeks.  The agent was out of this area.