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The Strategy

With a background in Science and Business, you will find the strategy and approach rather unique and results oriented! Pricing Farm & Ranch property is quite a challenge. Yes there are comps and we can compare similar properties based on size of acreage and the size of a home, but what about all of the other attributes on the land?

  • Is it heavily wooded?
  • Are there Live Oak trees?
  • Is there a stocked pond?
  • Is the property fenced and is the fence barbed wire or wood?
  • Are there roads and culverts? How many water wells?
  • Are mineral rights available?
  • Is the location desirable?
  • Finally, the supply and demand factor that is based on the economy. You get the point. It takes an experienced Realtor that knows the area to understand how to identify the value of the land. I take a rather unique approach and would love to work with you on buying or selling property. Click on the drop down below OUR STRATEGY to learn more about how we work with buyers and sellers