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304 South White Street Round Top, TX 78954
  • Status Sold

About This Property

This was a rare opportunity to own one of the chicest properties in the coolest little town in Texas. This income producing property in the heart of Round Top featured three stand-alone houses from different times in the towns History including the current owner of Hotel Lulu’s past private residence called the Nest. The 1880s Bybee Cottage that was purchased from the Bybee Foundation-an organization responsible for helping preserve German immigrant structures in Round Top, and the lovingly-restored Winn house dating back to the 1830s, that belonged to the city's first settler, James Winn, with a full kitchen. What could be done with this magical little trio? Keep it as a VRBO, a family compound or use your wildest imagination to bring something new to this quaint little town.

The sellers wanted it listed at $2,200,000.  At $1,257.00 a square foot, this would be a record setting listing in Round Top. This was going to be an exciting challenge. It was going to take planning, working closely with my clients, bringing in my marketing team from Kuper Sotheby’s, and a clear cut strategy to get this to just the right prospects.


  1. The asking price per square foot had never been done before, even in this growing, desirable one of a kind town.
  2. Research the potential prospects and develop marketing materials and strategy.
  3. Go outside of the usual suspects. At Kuper Sotheby’s we have access to agents all over the Globe.
  4. Develop a proforma P&L to present to potential buyers.


I work with an amazing photographer that has vision. The property was already beautifully staged and designed. The sellers were dream clients that understood the importance of presentation.

  • The sellers painted all three structures so they looked fresh and pristine.
  • The landscaping was upgraded.
  • The lighting was upgraded.
  • We worked together on a Pro forma P&L

I sent out over 55,000 emails with a blast that included a video.  With each inquiry I followed up with a phone call and my list of possible concerns that might stop a buyer from wanting to make the drive.

I requested an NDA and sent out the Pro forma P&L to serious prospects only.

The buyers originally planned to buy the property for their family for a small compound in downtown Round Top.  Once they reviewed the Pro forma P&L, they decided to go in another direction. They realized that this was an incredible opportunity and I have since sold them two more adjoining properties.  It is now called The Round Top Motel and they are thriving with a second business.